Apex Noire and Tiffytokes will be giving back to a local organization that helps fight against homelessness in Massachusetts. This organization strives to maintain and enhance their diversity and inclusivity by welcoming and empowering all staff, volunteers, participants, and agency stakeholders. This organization is consistent with their mission that they provide equal access and treat everyone with dignity, respect and fairness. They are committed to supporting opportunities for growth through learning and by providing forums that strengthen our diverse and inclusive environment. 

What does the organization do?

The organization we are donating too provides a range of innovative, compassionate, and cost-effective services to assist individuals and families facing a housing crisis. As an agency, they are always researching best practices, evaluating our own performance, and striving to reduce the need for costly emergency shelter.

Who is @TiffyTokes and why is she giving back?

Tiffany is a 28 year Massachusetts native who grew up in Quincy. She is a cannabis content creator and activist who is using her platform on social media to spread awareness about a variety of important subjects. She is a medical cannabis user and a mental health advocate.


Tiffany has had her own mental health struggles since early childhood. Tiffany was raised by a single mother in public housing. Growing up in an area of disproportion meant that Tiffany faced many adversities which had a major impact on her mental health. 


At the end of 2020 Tiffany fell on hard times and was facing homelessness. During the time she was homeless she had lost her mother to suicide. At the time Tiffany was staying at a shelter in Quincy called Father Bill’s & MainSpring. Tiffany said that the support from the staff at Father Bill’s was a huge reason why she was able to keep pushing forward after such a difficult loss. About a month after losing her mom she was approved for her first apartment, giving her the chance to start her life! 


Tiffany has always wanted to give back to the community that supported her when she needed it the most. Through her experience she realized how much safe and stable housing can impact your mental health. Tiffany wants to show others that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.