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June 22 @ 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

The Bliss Bus Tour of Boston is about to take off and everyone’s invited to this party.


Led by some of Boston’s most hilarious and chill comedians, this 90-minute bus tour of Boston will guide you through some of Beantown’s most picturesque and historic neighborhoods and landmarks, with little nuggs of history being dropped for your edification.


You and your group will meet at Apex Noire located at 150 State Street in Boston starting as early as 3:45pm where you will receive a $25 credit to purchase whatever smokeless goods you’d like to partake in. Then at 4:20pm, you’ll hop on the trolley with your guides and be whisked away through the city of Boston for a 90-minute tour you’ll never forget. (Or maybe you’ll never remember… Who knows!) The comedians will point out tales of Boston’s past with a particular focus on where locals have hung out to smoke, drink, and plan revolutions.


What’s more, these comedians are going to be your sherpas, delivering you through an afternoon of high-dosage comedy and merriment. Do they know anything about Boston history, lore, and trivia? They sure do. They may not be history professors, but our guides will give you insights into the city- past, present, and future.


The Bliss Bus of Boston is an adults-only tour (clearly) for locals and tourists who want a truly unique and completely unhinged tour of a city.


Whether you’re a Boston native looking for a relaxing and hilarious afternoon to see your hometown through a fresh lens, or a first-time visitor looking to try something completely fresh, the Bliss Bus is your go-to for a gorgeous afternoon in the city.


Come for the cannabis, stay for the laughs, and leave with a newfound appreciation for Boston’s vibrant culture, rich heritage, and a bus load of new buds.